Rugged Ragdolls Arizona 


Hello, I'm Kaylyne Baker, residing in the beautiful city of Mesa, Arizona. My journey into the world of feline companionship began with a simple click on the internet. Little did I know that this click would lead me to discover the enchanting world of Ragdoll cats, a breed that has since become the center of my life and passion.

It all started when I stumbled upon videos showcasing the charm and sweetness of Ragdoll cats. Their adorable personalities, soft plush coats, and mesmerizing blue eyes captured my heart instantly. I knew I had found something truly special. My love for these feline companions quickly transformed into a commitment to breed and share the joy they bring to households.

My fascination is not limited to a specific type; I adore both the traditional Ragdolls and the stunning mink Ragdolls with their silky coats. To me, these cats are not just pets; they are my best friends and babies, bringing immeasurable joy and warmth to my life. They are, without a doubt, the best thing that could have happened to me.

In my role as a breeder, I am dedicated to producing not only high-quality and healthy kittens but also ensuring that they embody the true essence of the Ragdoll personality. This involves spending countless hours cuddling, holding, and socializing the kittens, providing them with the best possible start in life. I take immense pride in creating companions that live up to the expectations of what a Ragdoll should be – sweet, cuddly, and always ready for a loving embrace.

Recently, in late 2023, I expanded my feline family to include Maine Coons. The sheer size of these majestic cats, coupled with their ear fluff and a wide array of colors, caught my attention and fueled my curiosity. While they may not be as overtly cuddly as Ragdolls, Maine Coons have their unique charm, and I am excited to explore and learn more about this wonderful breed.

In essence, my journey in cat breeding is driven by a deep love for these magnificent animals. Each cat is not just a pet; they are a member of the family, and I am committed to ensuring that every kitten I bring into the world embodies the qualities that make Ragdolls and Maine Coons truly special. Join me on this adventure as we celebrate the joy, companionship, and unique traits that make each cat a cherished part of our lives.