Queens and King 


Mazikeen is a charming and enchanting female cat with a unique seal mink lynx bi-color coat that boasts a warm, medium brown base with darker points, giving her an air of sophistication and elegance. Her mesmerizing aqua eyes are like pools of tranquility, reflecting her sweet and gentle nature.

Despite her striking appearance, Mazikeen is a shy little feline who may take some time to warm up to new people and environments. However, once she feels comfortable and secure, she reveals her true personality as a cuddle enthusiast. She adores snuggling up in your arms, seeking warmth and affection during quiet and tender moments together.

Mazikeen's cuddly and affectionate demeanor makes her an invaluable companion, and her shy disposition only adds to her allure. She is a true gem in our household, bringing comfort, joy, and a sense of tranquility to our life with each loving gaze and soft purr


Khaleesi, the female seal lynx mitted Ragdoll, is a regal and enchanting feline who commands attention with her striking appearance and charming personality. Her coat boasts a stunning combination of warm tones and lynx-like markings, making her look like a majestic queen straight out of a fairy tale.

With her expressive eyes and vocal nature, Khaleesi has a unique way of communicating her desires and feelings, effortlessly captivating anyone who crosses her path. She's a social butterfly, eager to engage with both her human family and other furry friends, making her a beloved member of my household.

But perhaps Khaleesi's most endearing quality is her incredible cuddliness and affectionate nature. She craves human interaction and loves nothing more than being in your presence, showering you with warmth and devotion. Her thick, fluffy bunny-like fur only adds to the experience, making her cuddles feel like a plush embrace of comfort and love.

In summary, Khaleesi is a truly extraordinary companion who brings joy and happiness to my  life with her vocal nature, social grace, and irresistible cuddles. Her regal presence and affectionate demeanor make her the queen of your heart and a treasured member of your family.


Meet Vader, the handsome male Ragdoll with a striking blue mink lynx mitted coat that exudes elegance and charm. His fur is as soft and silky as a cloud, inviting you to run your fingers through its luxurious texture.

Vader's most captivating feature is undoubtedly his stunning bright blue eyes, which seem to sparkle with intelligence and curiosity. They have an enchanting effect that draws people in and leaves a lasting impression.

But beyond his alluring appearance, Vader's personality is what truly sets him apart. He is a gentle and affectionate soul who adores human companionship. His sweet and loving nature makes him a favorite among everyone who meets him, as he has a natural talent for bringing joy and comfort to those around him.

Whether he's snuggling up in your lap or simply being in your presence, Vader's affectionate gestures remind you of the special bond you share. He is a true treasure, and his presence in your life adds immeasurable happiness and warmth to each day.


Introducing Zelena, a delightful female Seal Mink Mitted Ragdoll kitten who is the embodiment of charm and joy. With her warm and captivating coat, she resembles a little princess, exuding elegance and grace even at a young age.

Zelena's sweet and gentle nature is instantly apparent as she approaches with a soft purr and twinkling eyes. Her cuddly demeanor makes her irresistible, and she loves nothing more than curling up in your arms for endless snuggles and affectionate strokes.

But don't be fooled by her calm exterior, for Zelena is also a playful little bundle of energy. She bounds around with infectious enthusiasm, chasing after toys and exploring her surroundings with curiosity and wonder. Her playful antics are sure to bring a smile to your face and fill my home with laughter.

As a young kitten, Zelena has a heart full of innocence and potential, and you can't help but fall in love with her at first sight. Her presence adds a touch of magic to your life, and we can't wait to see her grow and blossom into a loving and cherished companion.


Meet Lilith, the enchanting Ragdoll with a coat as rich and luxurious as the midnight sky. Lilith's seal mink tortie fur is a mesmerizing tapestry of deep browns, creamy beiges, and hints of apricot, creating a visual symphony that's as unique as her personality. Her aqua eyes, like two sparkling gems, add a touch of mystique to her already captivating presence.

But it's not just Lilith's outward beauty that captures hearts; it's her gentle and sweet nature that truly makes her stand out. This feline beauty is the epitome of tenderness, approaching the world with a softness that warms the hearts of everyone fortunate enough to be in her presence.

Lilith has mastered the art of affection, earning her the title of a true cuddly bug. She thrives on the warmth of companionship, and her favorite pastime is curling up in a cozy spot, inviting anyone nearby to join in the joy of a good snuggle. When Lilith purrs, it's as if a soothing melody fills the air—the sound is not just audible; it's felt, a gentle vibration that resonates with pure contentment.

What sets Lilith apart is her fearless and loveable spirit. Unperturbed by the unknown, she fearlessly explores her surroundings, always curious and ready for adventure. Her fearlessness, however, is coupled with an unwavering love for everyone and everything around her. Lilith's heart seems to know no bounds, embracing the world with open paws and an open heart.

In the grand tapestry of feline companions, Lilith is a rare and beautiful thread, weaving love and fearlessness into the lives lucky enough to intersect with hers.


Enter Cookie, the seal tortie Siamese with a personality as warm and comforting as her name suggests. This feline charmer wears a coat that's a delightful blend of rich, dark hues, reminiscent of a batch of freshly baked cookies. Her stunning blue eyes, like pools of serenity, add a touch of elegance to her already captivating appearance.

Cookie's claim to fame is her extraordinary cuddliness. She's not just fond of cuddles; she's an expert in the art of snuggling. Every night, like a devoted companion, she cozies up next to you, turning bedtime into a comforting ritual filled with warmth and the soothing purr of contentment.

Despite her affectionate nature, Cookie is a bit reserved when it comes to new faces. She approaches new people with a cautious curiosity, taking her time to assess and warm up to them. Once trust is established, however, Cookie unveils her true cuddle-loving self, sharing her affection generously.

When it comes to other feline friends, Cookie is a bit wary at first. New cats spark a sense of caution, and she observes them from a safe distance. However, as time goes by, and trust blossoms, Cookie may find herself forming feline friendships, proving that her heart is as big as her beautiful blue eyes.

In the grand symphony of feline companionship, Cookie plays the role of the cuddly confidante, a warm and loyal presence that makes every night a little cozier and every day a little brighter.



Meet Bellatrix, the majestic black smoke Maine Coon, a feline enchantress that adds a touch of mystery and elegance to our home. Her sleek, dark fur carries an ethereal smoky quality, a beautiful contrast to the golden fire that flickers within her eyes.

Despite being relatively new to our home, Bellatrix has already woven herself into the fabric of our daily life with her friendly and sweet demeanor. Her cuddly personality is a constant source of joy, as she seeks the warmth of companionship and isn't shy about expressing her affection.

Bellatrix's introduction to our other cats has been smooth, showcasing her amiable nature and ability to navigate social dynamics with grace. She approaches feline friendships with a gentle curiosity, creating a harmonious atmosphere among the whiskered inhabitants of our home.

What sets Bellatrix apart is not just her friendly disposition but also her impressive size for her age. She carries herself with the regal air typical of Maine Coons, hinting at the majestic presence she'll grow into. Even in her early days, she's a gentle giant, a delightful combination of size and sweetness.

As Bellatrix continues to settle into her new home, her golden eyes gleaming with trust and warmth, it's evident that she's not just a cat; she's a captivating presence that enriches the tapestry of our life with every gentle purr and graceful movement.

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